Regenerative Therapy

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Regenerative Therapy in Fort Collins, CO

Your body is a complex machine that requires fine tuning and proper care when something isn’t right. Despite the advances of mainstream medicine, most solutions involve a plethora of pain pills and little concentration on the root cause of an issue. At the Functional Medicine Center of Fort Collins, regenerative therapy has become a cornerstone of our services we provide to all our patients. This alternative treatment can help with a variety of ailments and is being used to treat sports injuries, chiropractic injuries, and more. If you’re having pain or a specific injury in your knees, lower back, hip, or shoulder, our regenerative therapy can help.

A powerful alternative to surgery

When you visit most doctors, ailments to your knees, hips, or shoulders usually leads down the road to some type of reconstructive surgery. While these surgeries are effective for certain conditions, regenerative therapy is a great alternative to consider depending on your circumstance. Our regenerative therapies are a one-time procedure that does not require significant downtime and allows you to continue living your normal day to day life. Because of the quality of our therapy, recovery time and tissue growth are a fast process. We have patients from across Colorado and the surrounding states fly in for their regenerative therapy treatment and fly out the same day.

Start feeling good today

Are you tired of not seeing results from traditional forms of medicine? Is your knee or back pain getting worse and are you looking for the root cause? Our regenerative therapy services are designed with our patients in mind, and the results speak for themselves. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about the regenerative therapy process and how it can help you live a pain-free life. If you’re tired of having doctors tell you to pop some pain pills or opt for an expensive, risky surgery, Functional Medicine Center of Fort Collins is here to serve you. We look forward to partnering with you today.

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